Fencing Along Bangladesh Border

Out of total of 2579 km of fencing sanctioned under Phase-II project along Indo-Bangladesh Border (IBB), 1871 km fencing has been completed. In addition, work in 160 km is in progress.
Further, under Phase-III, replacement of entire fencing (861 km) constructed under Phase-I project was sanctioned. 771 km of replacement work has been completed and work in 21 km is in progress. As per the present approval, the above works were targeted to be completed by March, 2012.
However, the balance works have been spilled over primarily due to on-ground constraints i.e. pending land acquisition, forest/wildlife clearance, un-demarcated border/ adverse possession issues with Bangladesh, habitation up to zero line in some cases, nature of terrain in some places – riverine, low lying etc. The balance works are likely to be completed on resolution of above constraints.
Out of 77.72 km. (Assam), 272.17 km (Meghalaya) and 856.00 km (Tripura) sanctioned fencing under Phase-II Project, fencing to the extent of 73.38 km (Assam), 126.07 km (Meghalaya) and 746.70 km (Tripura) has been completed. In addition, work is in progress in 0.84 km (Assam), 62.92 km (Meghalaya) and 31.31 km (Tripura).
An amount of Rs.2195.67 crore has been spent till March 31,2012 on fencing works along Indo-Bangladesh border.
Whenever damage to the barbed wire fencing along Indo-Bangladesh border is reported, Central Public Works Department (CPWD), takes up the maintenance/repairs of the works.
This was stated by Shri Mullappally Ramachandran, Minister of State of Home Affairs in written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha today.