Pattaya Killer of Bangladeshi Tourist Arrested

Pattaya People: May 16, 2012

As 3 Bangladeshi Tourists were robbed in a hotel room over the past weekend, and 1 of them was killed, the police have worked very hard to find the suspect, a female prostitute who visited them that night. The CCTV cameras of the hotel and the streets outside were studied carefully, and the police network was alerted to search for the woman seen on the videos.

On Monday afternoon, after Pattaya Police led by Deputy Superintendent In charge of Investigations Pol. Lt. Col. Supachai Pui-kam-kaew and Investigating Inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Anat Pra-song-suk in cooperation with Tourist Police Superintendent Pol. Col. Arun Prompan collected enough evidence to arrest the suspect, an Arrest Warrant was issued by the Pattaya Court, and the police entered the “Tui Apartments” located in Soi Bongkot to arrest Miss Malee Jindawong, aged 33, from Nakhon Srita-maratch. She was caught with 2 mobile phones, a digital camera, 4 diamond pendants and the clothes she wore on the night of the crime.

Click to watch video of arrest

In tears, Miss Malee confessed that she did not intend to kill anyone. She was approached for a sexual encounter by the dead man Mr. Chan, and when she arrived at the hotel room, 2 friends of Mr. Chan were also waiting in the room.

She convinced the 3 Bangladeshis to each take a tab of some kind of purple tranquilizer.  Her friend had urged her to use it to knock out her clients, to be able to steal their belongings, and it worked. Off she went with the stolen goods, but when the news spread about the death of Mr. Chan (Mizanur Rahman), she decided to make a quick move to the “Tui Apartment”.

She was sent to face the consequences of her fatal folly, and during the police press conference, the officers revealed that the police managed to arrest Miss Malee within a few days because of information given by the baht bus driver who moved her to her new apartment. The driver had recognized Miss Malee from the news broadcasts, which shows that civilians can be of great assistance to the police.

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