Sundarbans Tiger cubs now got new home

The Daily Star June 16, 2012

The three Bengal tiger cubs, which had been rescued Monday from a smuggler’s house in the capital, were shifted to Dhaka Botanical Garden last night from their temporary shelter at a private mini zoo in Hatirpool.

They will be kept in a room at the botanical garden under the supervision of the Dhaka Zoo authorities.

‘I am now examining the new facility and soon the cubs will be brought here,” said Shahidullah, curator of Dhaka Zoo, last evening.

A committee of experts had decided to move the cubs from the private zoo as they felt the facility was not congenial for tigers.

The three-month-old cubs were recovered in a terrible health from the house of wildlife smuggler Abdul Kader. Kader and his elder son Masud are now absconding.

Meanwhile, the shifting of the cubs from Hatirpool was delayed until 10:00pm as the owner of the mini zoo, Abdul Wadud who illegally possesses some wildlife, was unwilling to hand them over. He claimed that the condition of the cubs had improved ever since they were placed under his care.

He requested the authorities concerned to keep the cubs at his mini zoo until they become ready for the wild. “If necessary, the authorities can call foreign experts here at my zoo to take care of the cubs,” Wadud said fearing that the tigers might die if taken to the botanical garden.


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