Syed Abul claims himself clean, no corruption in Padma bridge

WB’s decision on Padma Bridge unexpected, regrettable: Abul Hossain

DHAKA, July 1 (BSS) – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Syed Abul Hossain termed cancellation of loan support to Padma Bridge project by World Bank (WB) and blaming Bangladesh for it as unexpected and regrettable.

“In spite of working with highest transparency and honesty, the cancellation of loan support to Padma Bridge project by the WB and blaming Bangladesh for it is unexpected and regrettable,” said Syed Abul Hossain who was former communications minister.

He said cancellation of loan support to Padma Bridge by the WB is disappointing and embarrassing for the country, especially for the people of the south-western region.

Abul Hossain said that the government has ensured cent percent transparency, integrity and accountability at the every
stage of implementation of the Padma Bridge project.
“I want to assure the people that I did not do any irregularity at any stage of the Padma Bridge project,” he said, adding, “I did not give any illegal opportunity to anyone.I was not influenced by anyone.”

“Padma Bridge project is a victim of local conspiracy and nasty game of international politics,” he added.

He requested Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to complete a neutral investigation on the process of consultant appointment for the Padma Bridge project and inform the countrymen and the WB about its findings.

He urged the media to be more impartial, neutral, rational and based on fact while making reports on the Padma Bridge.

“Please, refrain from creating controversy about the country and me by producing imaginary and hypothetical reports,” the minister requested the media people.

Abul Hossain claimed that transparency and integrity were maintained in the appointment of consultants for the Padma Bridge project and the WB’s approval was taken before taking any steps for implementation of the project.

The WB expressed its fears about “possible corruption” on the basis of the allegation of vested interest individuals and
quarters, he said, adding that the WB sent some papers which it received from Canadian police to the government and ACC. The ACC is now carrying out investigation based on the papers, he added.

“I firmly believe that no irregularities could be found in the process of appointment of consultants,” he said.

Realizing the overall situation, outgoing WB President has cancelled the loan support hastily to the project before the
completion of trial in Canada and investigation by ACC, he added.

“Cancellation of loan agreement based on ‘fears of possible corruption’ is unprecedented, unexpected in the history of the WB and also an injustice to 16 crore people of Bangladesh,” the former communication minister said.