Dhaka one of the least liveable cities

EIU Report July 11, 2012


Dhaka ranks 68th among 70 cities in terms of liveability, a two-stop improvement than the last survey.

The bottom-scoring cities correlate fairly closely to those in the EIU ranking. Perhaps this is because cities that score poorly will do so in all areas, regardless of the methodology applied.

Harare receives the lowest possible score for three of the seven additional indicators (isolation, connectivity and
cultural assets).

Dhaka least competitive: EIU

Air quality worst in India

However, some of the bottom 10 cities receive respectable scores from the additional indicators. Karachi and Tehran achieve overall spatial adjustment scores of 48.5 and 53.6, respectively—this compares with scores of 53.3 and 50, respectively, for Tokyo and Toronto in this category.

Natural asset scores in the bottom 10 seem to outperform other indicators, while the key challenges appear to be those of connectivity and isolation.

Dhaka achieves score 3 (1=best – 5=worst) in terms of green space; sprawl 1.5; natural assets 3.0; cultural assets 5; connectivity 4.5; isolation 3; and 5 in pollution.


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