Gultekin Khan in Dhaka after Humayun Ahmed’s burial

Dhaka, July 25 (

Humayun Ahmed’s ex-wife Gultekin Khan arrived in Dhaka on Tuesday night with their youngest daughter Bipasha Ahmed.

The celebrated writer’s younger brother Ahsan Habib on Wednesday confirmed about their arrival from the United States.

‘জীবনের শ্রেষ্ঠ নারী গুলতেকিন’

অভিমানে আড়ালেই রয়ে গেলেন গুলতেকিন

আমেরিকায় থেকেও হুমায়ূনকে দেখতে যাননি গুলতেকিন

গুলতেকিন হুমায়ূনকে ভীষণ ভালোবাসতেন যা ভাষায় প্রকাশ করার মতো নয়

গুলতেকিন কি হুমায়ূন আহমেদকে ক্ষমা করতে পেরেছেন?


The virtuoso playwright-movie director was buried on Tuesday at his self-nurtured sanctuary Nuhash Palli in Gazipur.

His three children with Gultekin, Sheela Ahmed, Nova Ahmed and Nuhash Humayun, were present during the burial along with Humayun’s wife Meher Afroz Shaon and two sons Nishad Ahmed and Ninit Ahmed. The writer’s two brothers, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Ahsan Habib, and two sisters also attended the burial.

Humayun Ahmed died on Jul 19 at a New York hospital after battling with cancer for about nine months. His first Namaz-e-Janaza was held there.

The second and third funeral prayers were held respectively at National Eidgah ground after Shaon arrived with Humayun’s remains on Monday morning and at Nuhash Palli on Tuesday before his burial there.

In the last few days, family members were divided on the issue of Humayun’s burial site. Shaon claimed Humayun’s last wish was to be buried at Nuhash Palli while the writer’s children with Gultekin wanted their father to be buried at the Martyred Intellectuals Graveyard at Mirpur in Dhaka, which is easily accessible to all.

At 2:30am on Tuesday, after long negotiations, Zafar Iqbal told the media they had decided to bury Humayun at Nuhash Palli, adding that they did not want to get the burial delayed anymore.

Humayun married Gultekin in 1973. Humayun in 2005 married actress Shaon, who was also a friend of their daughter Sheela, after they got divorced in 2003.