Kabir Sumon sings for Humayun Ahmed

Ahmed Muniruddin 

Dhaka, Jul 25 (bdnews24.com) — West Bengal singer Kabir Sumon has shown his respect for the late writer, Humayun Ahmed, by composing a song about him.

The song alludes to many of the writer’s novels in its lines and praises his ability to mirror ordinary people’s lives, their happiness and sorrow.

Like Humayun’s widespread readership, Sumon has also reached the audience across borders with his songs. In his song, which he wrote on July 22, three days after Humayun’s death, he spoke of how Humayun could captivate readers of all ages and class.

The song was published on his personal website on July 24.

In 1992, Sumon came into limelight with his album ‘Tomake Chai’.

Prolific writer, filmmaker Humayun Ahmed passed away on July 19 at a New York Hospital, after a year-long battle with cancer.

Humayun’s first work, a novel named ‘Nondito Noroke’, was published in 1972.

In his song, Sumon expressed hope that Humayun would perhaps write again, saying that in a new world beyond this one, he would find new stories to write.