Children of Humayun Ahmed-Gultekin visit his grave at Nuhash Palli

Children of Humayun Ahmed visit the grave of their father at Nuhash Palli in Gazipur on Friday afternoon. Photo: Focus Bangla

The Daily Star Online July 27, 2012

Bipasha, Nova, Sheela and Nuhash — children of illustrious writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed –– visited the grave of their father at Nuhash Palli in Gazipur Friday afternoon.

The four children from the first wife of Humayun visited the grave a in a litchi garden around 2:00pm, Bangla daily Prothom Alo reports.

নুহাশপল্লীতে গুলতেকিনের চার সন্তান

Nuhash Palli has become flooded on the holiday with visitors who came there from different places to pay tributes to their beloved writer, said Saiful Islam Bulbul, manager of the Palli.

Mohammed Murtoza, an officer of a private bank, accompanied by his families and friends went to the Palli from Mohammadpur to pay tribute to their favorite writer.

“I am a Himu,” Murtoza said in tears while visiting the grave of the creator of Himu.

Rukhsana, a housewife of Bhaluka upazila in Mymensingh, went there to pay respect.

“I have read many books and watched dramas of my favorite writer. I’m here to pay respect,” She said while shedding tears near his grave.

Next book fair to be dedicated to Humayun

Earlier on Tuesday, the illustrious storyteller was laid to rest in the serenity of his favourite retreat Nuhash Palli.

Humayun Ahmed, 64, who was a chemistry teacher at Dhaka University before getting fully involved in writing, died at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital due to infection in the lungs following two surgeries for colon cancer.


July 27 (

Humayun Ahmed’s four children from his first wife have offered fatiha at the grave of the celebrated writer and filmmaker at his Gazipur retreat Nuhash Palli.

Daughters Nova Ahmed, Sheela Ahmed, Bipasha Ahmed and son Nuhash Humayun, after whom the retreat, about an hour outside Dhaka, is named, were all present.

“His (Humayun Ahmed) grandchildren are also with them,” Nuhash Palli Manager Saiful Islam Bulbul told on Friday referring to Nova and Sheela’s children.

Though Nova, Sheela and Nuhash were present during their father’s burial, Bipasha could not attend since she was still in the USA with her mother Gultekin Khan.

Humayun Ahmed’s first wife Gultekin Khan and their daughter Bipasha returned to Bangladesh from the US on Thursday. But Gultekin did not come to Nuhash Palli on Friday, Bulbul said.

After spending two days at the resort, the writer’s second wife Meher Afroz Shaon returned to Dhaka on Thursday.

Shaon, her two sons Nishad and Ninit, and her mother Tahura Ali, an MP, started for Dhaka Thursday afternoon.

Humayun Ahmed, 64, died at a hospital in the US on July 19 after a nearly ten-month battle against colon cancer. He was buried at Nuhash Palli on Tuesday.

The writer’s burial triggered a dispute between his second wife Meher Afroz Shaon and his other relatives. They were divided over where to lay him down and it was decided only after a day-long drama that went as high as the prime minister who delegated a state minister to resolve the issue.

The issue was finally resolved around 3am.

Humayun’s three children from his first wife wanted their father to be buried somewhere in Dhaka so that everyone could visit his grave easily.

Humayun married Gultekin in 1973. They got divorced in 2003 after the writer was said to be in the middle of an affair with Shaon, his daughter Sheela’s best friend. He married Shaon after two years.