Nazmul Huda’s new party: Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Front

Former BNP leader Nazmul Huda declaring a new political party at an Iftar party at a city hotel on Friday. Photo: Focus Bangla

Maverick former minister Nazmul Huda, who recently left the BNP, has formed a new political party, Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Front, and announced that he will have candidates for all the 300 seats in the next election.

Huda, who is the Convenor of this party, officially announced the constitution of the Jatiyatabadi Front on Friday afternoon at the Imperial Hotel at Gulistan in the city.

হুদার নেতৃত্বে নতুন ‘জাতীয়তাবাদী ফ্রন্ট’

“Jatiyatabadi Front as a political party will uphold nationalist ideals. We will have candidates for 300 seats in the next election,” he said at the meet.

The Daily Star Online Report

Huda on Jun 6 had told at a press briefing that he was resigning from the BNP once again to protest party’s Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s failure to engage in talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Later, he sent in his resignation to Khaleda.

Speaking about the new party to earlier in the day, he said,” Jatiyatabadi Front was previously formed just before the 1978 presidential elections. (Former President) Ziaur Rahman was elected as President from this front.”

“The BNP, a new political party, had emerged from the front,” he said.

Huda, a founding member of the BNP, said, “Jatiyatabadi Front has been off the limelight since the BNP was formed. I am going to announce that Front as a new political party.”

He said the party would have a 21-strong Steering Committee as the highest policy-making body and added the Central Committee would include 101 members, but their identity could not be known immediately.

Huda, who faced corruption charges during the 2007-08 military-backed government’s tenure, had served as the State Minister for Information in the 1991-96 BNP government and was fired for his remarks in 1995.

Then the Vice-Chairman of the BNP, he was thrown out of the party in 2010 for going against the party position after Khaleda left her home of 28 years in Dhaka Cantonment after losing court battle.

He was reinstated in the party after he had regretted his comment.

“My newly-formed party’s Central Committee will be constituted on Nov 7,” he said.

Huda said an independent, neutral and powerful Election Commission, based on the opinion of all political parties, was a must to supervise transparent and fair elections.

“That commission must be given all authority during the polls,” he added.

He said he believed power could only be transferred through elections and added he wanted to bring changes to political ideologies.

He said he was hopeful that many people from the old Jatiyatabadi Front and other parties would join his party.