RAB did not shoot Limon Hossain???

Jhalokathi, Aug 15 (bdnews24.com)

Police have found no evidence that the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) personnel attempted to murder Limon Hossain, who was shot last year in a bungled operation.

Sub-Inspector of Rajapur Police Station Halim Talukder, who investigated the case, submitted the investigation report to the Senior Judicial Magistrate’s Court of Jhalokathi on Tuesday.

লিমনের ঘটনায় র‌্যাব ‘নির্দোষ’

“The allegations brought against the RAB were not proved in the investigation,” Taluker told bdnews24.com.

He said the victim’s father and uncle were made witnesses in the case, “but his father was then in Dhaka, uncle in another area while his mother at their home during the incident of shooting.”

“The plaintiff did not provide enough information to substantiate allegations made in the case.”

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The SI further said the plaintiff, Limon’s mother Henoara Begum, in the case claimed that the RAB personnel intentionally took her son to a place near their home and shot him in the leg. “But the charge-sheet pressed by the RAB against Limon and two other investigation reports submitted by the police mentioned that he was injured in a gunfight during an anti-crime operation.”

Henoara Begum filed the case of attempted murder against six RAB officials and personnel with Razapur Police Station on April 10, 2011.

She told bdnews24.com she would file a no-confidence in the investigation report. “RAB took my son and shot him. Moreover, police have been cruel with us.”

She said police were yet to inform her though they had submitted the final report in the case.

A disappointed Limon told bdnews24.com: “Police filed two false charge-sheets against me. In the case filed by my mother, they have also submitted an investigation report by concealing the truth to make RAB innocent.”

Limon’s counsel Manik Acharya told bdnews24.com that police submitted false investigation report to the court on being influenced by RAB. “But the truth can’t be hidden in any way. We will continue the legal battle.”

A RAB team reportedly shot and arrested Limon, who used to work in a brick kiln to foot the study bill, in the leg after taking him to a place adjacent to his house at Jamaddarhat in Razapur Upazila of Jhalakathi on Mar 23 last year.

RAB on the same day filed two cases with the local police against the teenager and seven others under the Arms Act and another for obstructing official duty, making attempts to murder and injure RAB personnel. Police have submitted investigation findings in the both cases.

Initially, the Director General of RAB, Mokhlesur Rahman, said Limon was an accidental victim of a shootout between RAB and a criminal gang. However, that statement was quickly replaced by another, stating that Limon was a “lackey” of known terrorists and was caught in “crossfire” during an operation against the group.

Limon’s left leg was amputated from the thigh on Mar 27 at Dhaka National Institute for Traumatolgy and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) Hospital as the tissues were totally damaged due to excessive bleeding caused by delay in treatment after the shooting.

Maimed Limon secured bail in from the High Court on May 5 and released from Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College and Hospital’s prison cell on May 9.

পুলিশি নির্যাতন, বিচারবহির্ভূত হত্যা, মানবাধিকার—কিস্তি ৩

পুলিশি নির্যাতন, বিচারবহির্ভূত হত্যা, মানবাধিকার—কিস্তি ২

পুলিশি নির্যাতন, বিচারবহির্ভূত হত্যা, মানবাধিকার—কিস্তি ১

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