Exclusive: Hasina’s son Joy corrupt, Koko innocent, claims Khaleda Zia

Defending her son Arafat Rahman Koko as innocent, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia claims she has documents of corruption allegedly committed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajib Wazed Joy.

At a meeting of BNP standing committee Sunday night, Khaleda expressed her dissatisfaction with the party colleagues as she thinks they are reluctant to speak about Joy’s alleged corruption.

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Meeting sources say according to the chairperson’s decision, all the “corruption documents related to Joy” will be translated into Bangla and published in leaflets for distribution across the country.

“The government has falsely implicated Koko in corruption cases and now they are smearing him. Koko’s name was not found in any documents, while I have the documents of corruption done by the prime minister’s son,” the sources quoted Khaleda as saying.

At one stage of the meeting Khaleda asked her staff to bring some papers from her office room. Later she showed the standing committee members a file saying it’s a document of Joy’s “corruption”.

However, nobody opened the file and the BNP chief also did not disclose its contents. The committee members did not make any comment after the chairperson’s statements, the sources added.

“You [standing committee members] don’t speak up against corruption by the prime minister’s family members. But they [ruling party leaders] are running propaganda against us. From now on you should be vocal against corruption of the prime minister’s family members,” Khaleda went on.

Earlier on June 23 last year, a Dhaka court sentenced Koko with six-year rigorous imprisonment and fined him Tk 38.83 crore for laundering Tk 20 crore to Singapore.

Koko, Khaleda’s younger son, who is now fugitive, is also facing a tax evasion case involving Tk 52 lakh.

Koko was arrested during the military-backed caretaker government rule in 2007. Later he was given parole and he left for Bangkok for better medical treatment on July 19, 2008.

On July 12 last year, Thai Ambassador in Dhaka Tasanawadee Miancharoen at a press briefing said, “Koko is no longer in Bangkok. He is in Malaysia.”

Since then the Bangladesh government has no idea about Koko’s whereabouts.