Gang of stalkers who harassed girls at Ekushey book fair two weeks back still traceless

এই জানোয়ারগুলা বই মেলায় গিয়ে যৌন সুখ পেতে চেয়েছিল।

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The girl did not show up at the Shahbagh police station until today to lodge a complaint, I know, out of disgrace and fear of further attack by the gang. She might have noticed the photos of attackers published in Dhaka Tribune.

One of our brave photographers took those on February 21 afternoon at Suhrawardy Udyan, near the extension of annual Amar Ekushey Book Fair organised by Bangla Academy.


He said the teenager victim had been driven away from her mother by the gang with a massive flow of crowd on that day. She was then assaulted by the persons on the photo while others in the outer circle of the gang guarded them.


They started to scatter and released the girl as soon as the photographer started hitting the flash of his camera. He took a dozen photos in a few seconds.

At this, one of them tried to…

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